DEEPAM POLY PACKS (P) LTD, a manufacturer of high quality Blow molded and injection molded plastic containers was established in 1995. With a vast experience of about two decades, now Deepam Poly Packs boasts its ability in the manufacture of containers ranging from 1 ml to 5 liters. We have grown a reputation for exceptional service, quality and competitive pricing in Tamil Nadu. We currently manufacture containers in HDPE, LDPE and PP, making us your versatile plastic container manufacturer. Our vision is to supply premium quality products to our clients.

We have multiple production units in the panchayat of Vandiyur in Madurai covering over 10,000 sq. feet. We operate separate units for our blow molding machines, injection molding machines and printing units. We constantly upgrade and modernize our production plant with advanced machineries and the latest technology.

We possess the widespread channels and distribution networks which help us in sourcing and supplying high quality products to our major clients located in every hook and corner of the country. Your feedback is widely appreciated as it helps in upgrading our services.

We are specialized in manufacturing blow and injection molded containers with capacity ranging widely from 1 ml to 5 liters and with a variety of colour options. We, at Deepam Poly Packs manufacture containers from a plastic resin called HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene) and LDPE (Low Density Poly Ethylene - for caps and plugs), customized as per the clients' requirements. We also do offer labeling, printing, shrink sleeve application and other container decoration services for customers who require these enhancements. We specialize in turning creative ideas and concepts into new products. Our designing team understands the pressure the customers are under to develop products with a competitive edge and effectively move them to the market. Whether we are creating a new product, or altering an existing product, or developing a full product family, our team reciprocates the customers' ideas and come out with innovative designs to help our customers improve their business.


We at Deepam Poly Packs believe in the mantra “Quality Drives Performance”. We always strive to set new standards for quality as we understand that nothing is more essential to ensure customer delight than QUALITY. As a group policy, Deepam has laid down strict measures to maintain high Quality Assurance & Quality Control standards by all its process owners. To Benchmark the highest possible levels of accuracy, we follow regular quality checks on all our activities. Our customer feedback and repeat customers show their level of satisfaction and stands testimony to our quality.


Today, Deepam Poly Packs is one of the leading companies in customized blow molding and that is the reason we have been chosen to provide packaging solutions for

  • Dairies
  • Food Packaging Companies
  • Oil Packaging Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Beverage Companies
  • Chemical Packing Companies
  • Insecticide and Pesticide Companies

Deepam Poly Packs has a leading regional share in all of the above key markets.